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Hi, I'm Isabella! Passionate about good stories and authentic characters, I am a beginning screenwriter and production assistant , but with experience in other animation stages (such as tie-down and cleanup) for large productions. I had the pleasure and opportunity to work on captivating and inspiring projects , where I acquired technical, interpersonal and multicultural knowledge. I graduated in Animation at UFMG, I took several writing courses at Roteiraria and, now, I am finishing my practical master's degree, entitled Direction and Supervision in Animation and Special Effects at LISAA university, in Paris. I'm looking for new projects to exchange, learn and contribute, offering a high quality work and lots of entertainment!

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Estúdio Criativo Apiário


Pólen Filmes


SpindleHorse Toons


Mighty Animation




Animateria Studios



- Author, director and screenwriter of the animated series The Secrets of Jaboticabinhas, winner of the BH nas Telas/FSA development grant, under development

- Screenwriter in the animated series The Fabulous Pebble, winner of the development contests CODEMGE 2018 and BH nas Telas/FSA

- Clean up and color for the series Helluva Boss, by Vivienne Medrano, available on YouTube

- Tie down and clean up for the series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, from Marvel and Disney 

- Clean up and color in the series The Boys; diabolical, available on Amazon Prime Video

- Tones and shadows (retakes) in the feature Bob's Burguer: The Movie

- Clean up and color in the series Wolfboy and the Everything Factory, available on Apple TV+

- Director, producer and screenwriter of the student short film Muda, selected in more than 20 national and international film festivals, reciving third place in the Best National Short Film category at the AnimArte festival, winner of the Jury Prize at the Lanterna Mágica festival and finalist of the LeBlanc Award for Animation, Games and Comics

- Clean up and color in the feature's teaser Arthur's Watch, by Rafael Coffee

- Director, producer and screenwriter of the student short film Lis, selected in more than 10 national and international film festivals.

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